Are we really afraid of failure? Or simply by the reaction of others when they are going to learn that we did not get to accomplish our goals. Let’s become courageous and visit the darkest rooms of ourselves, to find real answers instead of fake and full of mystery.


Let's look at our system of education, at the policies of our countries, at the way that the world is changing. Why did we use silence, instead of using reaction? I'm asking you because I think that something did not work as it should. This is why I believe that we wan...

Even if we perceive that something is puncturing us, we prefer to abandon our perception rather addressing our issue. Once we have made our choice, those beautiful, well-decorated doors without handles, they disappear magically from our minds. Those incredible, expensi...

May 1, 2017

From where shall I start, when the handles do not exist? This is the situation that we are facing right now, except the fact that we are a "lucky" generation who had the opportunity to live in a century of advanced technology, we are losing several things, that in our...

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