We are motivated by our mission to provide opportunities for young people and young adults to become active members in their community. Our goals are exceptional and we will only achieve them with the support of sponsorship. 


We understand the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies of our Public and third sector partners. Our knowledge in service and community skills can help you to achieve your goals. We have the relationships, capability and know how to help you reach your target audience. 

The task will address the issues and destinations of our accomplices in that we will  advance entrepreneurial soul and building undertaking aptitudes. 


This will permit our accomplices to recognize activities that best advances an entrepreneurial attitude, particularly amongst youngsters; distraught gatherings, or advances social enterprise. promoting particular aptitudes, for example, specialized abilities, dialect aptitudes and endeavor particular abilities, for example, item advancement or business arranging; 

Enhancing the business environment


Recognize the association or organization that is best at empowering a domain that advances venture new businesses and development by:

  • Encouraging SME access to new markets

  • Supporting the creative capability of interchanges advancements;

  • Encouraging the utilization of under-used business properties 

Spearheading practice in youngsters' finding out about enterprise
  • running exercises for youthful are giving genuine intending to the idea of entrepreneurial learning.

  • the advantages of invigorating youngsters and giving them the devices, assets or environment to put their thoughts into impact.

  • Self-improvement requires the capacity to set individual objectives, and the skill to accomplish them. Nearby discovering how to begin a business, they gain pragmatic aptitudes and inspirational demeanor: more noteworthy attention to society.

  • help youngsters in the matter of taking care of issues, adapting to present circumstances, surveying open doors or going out on a limb.

  • dealing with a little venture can be a genuine accomplishment for somebody who has at no other time confronted such a test.

  • open doors for systems administration can open the eyes of youngsters who do not have an extensive variety of contacts or the likelihood to contrast their circumstance and others.

KAS Youth Hub encourage Intercultural learning of young people, as we explore other opportunities across  Europe, to increase the awareness for young people’s involvement with  European Volunteer Services; as this will help, not just on a diverse and cultural level; but on an intellectual and  International ethos of change.


Social integration is the quality of their relationship within their society and community. Integration is therefore the extent to which people feel they have something in common with others, who represent their social reality in their neighborhood; as well as the feeling of belonging in their communities and society. Social acceptance is the understanding of society through the character and qualities of other people as a generalized category.


Individuals who illustrate social acceptance trust others, think that others are capable of kindness, and believe that people can be productive. Socially accepting people hold favorable views of human nature and feel comfortable with others. Social contribution is the assessment of an individual social value. It consists of the principle that they are a vital member of society, with somewhat of value making a contribution to the world. Social contribution looks at the notion of efficacy and responsibility.