KAS Youth Hub is a Children's Charity that supports young people and young adults from age 12 to 30 that is from a deprived background or who simply need some extra care and guidance. We aim to attain the continuity to empower young people in our community to develop themselves. 

Our services provide a safe, trusted and non-judgmental place for young people to engage with other young people; informal education, youth club activities, public events and community outreach.  Apart of our activities is hosting workshops, leadership training, events and sponsoring other local youth programs.


Our youth programme and workshops recognizes the youths achievements and rewards them for work, activities and service; also supports, motivates and gives a positive experience of learning. In addition we help improve their everyday life skills, by recognizing 'soft skills' like timekeeping, teamwork and voluntary work. 


The principle of KAS is to leave an imprint of a lasting impression to transform young lives. KAS empowering young people  and young adult to become 'honorary leaders', with loyalty and integrity to then serve others; by nurturing their confidence and self esteem. We empower people to become proficient, capable and compassionate empathetic leaders by helping them learn to help others.


We perform across the Charity (Non- Profit Organization), Community (Government Sectors) and Brands (Private Organizations) within the UK and worldwide. This puts us in a distinctive place to facilitate channels of communication and encourage new ideas, pioneering ground-breaking solutions to the challenges the youth are facing. 


We are an internationally trusted Brand with more than 17 Partnering country, that achieve their strategic objectives on Local, National and International levels. Our associates and sponsors appreciate our wide range of networking and proficiency with our International involvement, workshops, service projects and community programmes; working collectively by combining resources and ability to intensify our joint impact.