We encourage the voices of our youth to be heard. We strive to establish youth-driven social, experiential, academic activities and provide opportunities for young people and young adults to become active members in their community. Through our programs we endeavor to foster a healthy self-image and encourage positive decision-making


We aspire to have a positive impact on the social wellbeing of young people and young adults. This impact will be very beneficial as they would experience social integration, social contribution and social acceptance. Social wellbeing is the appraisal of one's situation and functioning in society.


UAS (AQA) credit unit: Our programme and workshops recognise young people and young adult achievements and rewards them for their involvement in our events, activities and services; as well as supporting, motivating and giving a positive experience of learning. In addition, we help improve their everyday life skills, by recognising 'soft skills' like timekeeping, teamwork and voluntary work. 



Seasonal Workshops: This workshop is for 6 to 16 year olds and is run to facilitate special occasions, like Mothers day, Fathers day and Easter.


Assertiveness and Confidence Building Workshops: - This workshop is for age 14 to 21. The objective is to improve the youth self esteem, self confidence and self development.


 International Workshops: We exposed the youth to diverse multi-cultures networking with other youth club's globally. 




Yearly Exchange programme: This exchange programme provides experience in understanding cultural differences to the youth participating in the camps. It motivates young people as potential young leaders as they learn about new ideas during the camp. 




Yearly Youth Camp: "You learn about life while you have the time of your life". The program of the camp consists of indoor and outdoor educational trainings, sport activities and cultural exchange experiences. Recommended participant's age is 15 - 20.