Doors without handles!... 1 of 4

Nowadays we face constantly with several social problems that come from a variety of complex systems which most of the times humans invented.

When it comes to the society, I believe that the youth has the most significant impact. Even if, there are times where young people they keep trying to break cycles which they have been created from powerful people, I still think that the youth can make the change.

You may think why am I writing all of these things. I do that because we need to look beyond the surface, to think that our countries need more innovative and realistic views, that might come from young people.

It's just enough to get out of your house to understand how many doors without handles exist. I hear about optimistic offers towards young people, but the only thing which I am facing is that our complex world is challenging the youth. As a part of today's youth, I seek to find doors, that in our case they mean "opportunities", I am eager to give reasons to unreasonable situations, but I am constantly facing with doors without handles.

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