Doors without handles 2 of 4

From where shall I start, when the handles do not exist? This is the situation that we are facing right now, except the fact that we are a "lucky" generation who had the opportunity to live in a century of advanced technology, we are losing several things, that in our case has caused us an intense replacement of human interaction, feelings, and values of trust.

Continuing the above sentence, when I face with doors without handles, I get angry, start thinking in a pessimistic way, and sometimes find myself losing focus. All of these happens because they taught us that in life we would find whatever we were looking for if we would have the courage and desire keep up working and searching, to not give up.

Usually, we try to camouflage the meaning of not giving up by saying the phrase " At least I gave it a try", maybe in this way we justify our ego, but not our desires or intentions.When it comes to us, to issues which are addressed directly toward us, we tend to look for replies to others, by forgetting to look at ourselves.

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