“Youth, the today that we need.” 1 of 2

Are we really afraid of failure? Or simply by the reaction of others when they are going to learn that we did not get to accomplish our goals. Let’s become courageous and visit the darkest rooms of ourselves, to find real answers instead of fake and full of mystery.

Because feeling lost somewhere that other people feel complete, does not mean that you are going in a wrong direction. Watching thousands of people, but not finding a company with anyone, navigating the ship of your dreams, but getting unclear about the destination... These are some of the problems that will follow us throughout life.

It is a hard battle with yourself because sometimes people look for enemies around them, but they forget that the enemy might be inside them. By comforting my sadness, I believe that there are people who can think and act in another way, this is the principle which I have followed to win negativity. My thoughts evaporate whenever I think more that I should or at least, more than others have taught me.

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