“Youth, the today that we need” 2 of 2

Can a thin autumn leaf cover the sidewalk? And again, I get angry with myself, I start debating with my existence and think that this unique world have thousands of leaves which together they can give color to the monotony of life. They don’t need to cover the sidewalk, they just need to start building a new one.

As the days pass, I see small leaves who are fighting for their rights, for a better country in which they can find what they are looking for. Thousand of thoughts, but silence is prevailing, all silent, trying to allow the black curtain, which has covered our souls catch up in our homes.

Why we keep silence? Why we do not say that the future that we dream can be the today that we need?

It's hard, I know that it is very difficult to convince yourself before you convince the others. But how can we talk about humanity and solidarity when we do not appreciate these values?

We are models locked in small frames, "programmed" by others to be all set in a same framework. Unhappily, when the night comes, we lie down in our bed tired and tied with our mistakes.

We might think that our mistakes will disappear with the disappearance of darkness, but they still remain there, as we open our eyes in the morning, we put off the mistakes of yesterday and put on again the mistakes of the next day.

With sadness we realize that mistakes they do not disappear, to go on we need people who are willing to bring new ideas and objectives not only for a better future but also for a safer today.

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