"Chasing for the opportunities."

We have been through different moments in life, moments in which we were told not to hear, not to look, not even to react. Even if we did not look, our imagination dreamed more than we could see in reality.

We deny to hear the news, most of the times we change the channel, shut down the TV, stop using the internet, all of this because they told us "do not look". We grew up hearing the phrase "do not look”, starting from the silence and curiosity and ending to the secret shouting, this made us even worse, into a society full of mirrors that reflect the what we learned by watching, hearing and reading secretly.

Trying to chase for opportunities, which they seem impossible, far, dangerous and competitive. Day after day, pretending to make our imagination ready for the opportunities, we limit ourselves by accepting a reality named "do not look " which it is dressed with branded clothes with the label "silence".

If we try to change things, to search for opportunities, we will realize that it does not matter the appearance in which the problems are covered today, what matters it is the composition. One thing it is known, to change the world we have to start with our state, to change our country we have to start from our city, to change our city we must continue with our neighborhood, to change our neighborhood we must continue with ourselves.

Only by accepting and understanding can we move forward. Our youth owns the future. After all, who said that things could not change? This is why we are in need of opportunities, to make our desires possible and achievable.

Let us think about how to invent things, not how to get them ready, how to chase for opportunities with dignity and courage. In life, me, you, may all of us we will face many paths and most of them will either be blurry or very clear but filled with hypocrisy from which you have to pass not only without sticking your shoes but also without affecting your personality. Creating your personality is a difficult challenge, can it be easier if we have the possibility to chase for opportunities, for new ways of approaching our dreams?

If we can have opportunities, we will no more need to flee, to lose our personality, or at worst, to stop creating a personality at all.

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