When beauty is reflected from all points of view

When we were children, we used to dream about our future in a positive way; we were expecting that by growing up we would become smarter, more beautiful and after all good human beings. I can admit that by growing, dreams changes, sometimes become bigger, other times are getting fade. It seems that in the case of Kiane Ashman-Swaby dreams became bigger, and the opportunities to accomplish her dreams were available to allow her following the path which sends you to social justice and human rights avocation.

She is smart, beautiful, kind and ready to change the world; she does not have only big dreams but also a big heart, which is beating in the name of a better world. This is why she is trying hard; she is an active person, taking part in various experiences which promise to make her a multi-talented human and to get her ready to be on the top of fashion industry.

There are many reasons to support Kiane Ashman-Swaby; she is a young lady who knows what she wants, this is a valuable asset for our youth, Kiane knows how to get what she wants, deserves needs. She can be beautiful because she has beauty inside her heart and mind; she transmits confidence and attitude, at the same time she can be a social mission, aiming to be a social entrepreneur, providing concrete solutions instead of providing only words and promises.

Imagine how important it is to have a candidate who embraces a variety of values and represents beauty from all points of view. It is not a coincidence that Kiane Ashman-Swaby is looking for bigger opportunities, her career had begun since she was four years old, and her shiny eyes were full of art and culture until the beginning of her life

I can admit that she is multi talented and with broad perspectives, she is always available to provide her help, she is a social person and an open minded lady who knows how to respect and to embrace diversity. The fact that she has modelled for London Fashion Week, Brighton Fashion Week, African Fashion Week London and Africa on the Square for the Mayor of London makes her the right candidate to represent Jamaica and to also convey her culture, ethics and unique beauty.

Do you need more, to be sure that she is the one which is suitable? When we say that in Kiane’s case beauty is reflected from all points of view, we mean it. She is not only a beautiful girl with an awesome Physique she is an actress, model, dancer, social entrepreneur, advocate for human rights and a human who aims to inspire youth and to motivate people to believe in themselves.

We believe that she can bring an innovative way of representing beauty; she can be a model for her friends and society.

The shine of beauty it is not hidden in the makeup or the volume of lips, it is where the originality exists, it is in the way of how the eyes keep looking, in the posture, in the aura which humans transmit when they talk, laugh, walk or dance. Beauty is freedom to be yourself, beauty is KIANE!

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